Having successfully released her first EP, Beneath the Surface, in 2016, and with a new music video for the lead single Jimmy Choos anticipated for release on 9 June 2017, December Baby is quickly establishing herself as an up-and-coming alternative pop artist. 

December Baby is the artist name for Renee Jury, a 31-year-old singer-songwriter from Brisbane.  Originally from the Sunshine Coast, Renee now calls Daisy Hill, Brisbane, home.  The name December Baby reflects Renee's love of all things December and memories of summers growing up in Caloundra.  It captures a sense of expectation and excitement, but also a sense of the bittersweet and nostalgic.  This can be heard in her music, which ranges from upbeat, quirky pop tunes, through to darker, more reflective musings on life.

Her style is difficult to pin down into one genre, but is best defined as alternative pop, with instrumentation being predominantly organic and focused around piano/keys, guitar, bass and drums, though at times delving into other musical worlds, as heard in the electro-pop influenced choruses of Jimmy Choos.  December Baby has been compared to artists including Regina Spektor, Feist, and Lily Allen, who she cites as influences along with a host of other female powerhouses such as Fiona Apple, Sara Bareilles, Aimee Mann and KT Tunstall.  Her full range of influences is truly eclectic though, having grown up listening to the ABBA, Billy Joel and Cold Chisel records played by her parents, not to mention pop divas like Tina Arena, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion and jazz chanteuses such as Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan.

In her first EP, Beneath the Surface, December Baby remains true to her influences while still letting her own unique and quirky approach to songwriting to emerge.  Essentially, December Baby begs, borrows and steals from a range of genres including pop, folk, jazz and blues.  There is a strong pop sensibility in tracks like You're My Rock and If You'd Only, while This Way steps into the jazz world with its extended chords and swing feel. This sits alongside tracks such as Not Okay with its blues passages transitioning into an unexpected power-pop chorus.  The standout on the EP, though, is Jimmy Choos, with a super-sweet melody juxtaposed against biting lyrics, jagged guitar and synth riffs, followed by a chorus containing synth pads and EQ sweeps that bring the listener momentarily into the electro-pop world.  Above all, December Baby is a storyteller, with her lyrics coming straight from the heart and giving listeners a no-holds-barred account of her experience in the highs, lows and in-betweens of life that we can all relate to.  Lauren Katulka of the Australian music blog, Sounds of Oz, has summed up the EP as follows: "On a casual listen, December Baby's music is poppy and pleasant. However, tune into the lyrics and as the EP's name suggests, there's a lot more going on beneath the surface."

The feature single from Beneath the Surface, Jimmy Choos, will be complemented by a music video release which is anticipated for Friday 9 June 2017.  December Baby is excited to partner with The A&R Department to bring the Jimmy Choos music video to a wider audience.  Live shows are planned to support the release, with the first being at an upcoming A&R Department showcase on Friday 16 June 2017 at The Milk Factory Bar, Brisbane, with further dates to be announced.


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